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Wellness Wednesday Webinars Archive

Below you will find recordings of past Wellness Wednesday Webinars.

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Practicing Mindfulness to Support Wellness -YouTube: Wednesday, June 16 Recording

Prioritizing Self-Care and Stress Management -YouTube: Wednesday, June 23 Recording

Coping with Grief and Loss -YouTube: Wednesday, June 30 Recording

Managing Anxiety-Building Resilience -YouTube: Wednesday, July 14 Recording

Navigating Communication in the New Workplace -YouTube: Wednesday, July 28 Recording

Moving Forward: Excitement, Concerns, and Challenges for Managers -YouTube: Wednesday, August 4 Recording

Parenting Beyond COVID-19: What do we do now? -YouTube: Wednesday, August 11 Recording

Work-Life Balance in 2021 -YouTube: Wednesday, November 3 Recording

Mindfulness Through the Holidays

  • ESP would like you to join us for a wellness session to learn tips and strategies for managing holiday stress. Together we will practice different mindfulness-based relaxation techniques to help ease tension and stress and increase wellness, which is especially important during another COVID holiday season.
  • -YouTube: Wenesday, December 1 Recording

Understanding Burnout and What to do About it

  • Many of us are familiar with the concept of burnout but do we really know what it means or what it looks like? How do you know when you've crossed over from just stress to burnout? This webinar will help you recognize signs of burnout and provide ideas for tackling burnout head on.
  • -YouTube: Wednesday, January 5 Recording

Beating the Winter Blues

  • You've probably heard it before, "the winter blues", but what does it really mean?  In this webinar we will discuss why you may be feeling out of sorts and not like yourself during the long winter months. We will then explore tips, strategies, and resources you can use to cope with our cold dark days and beat the winter blues.
  • -YouTube: Wednesday, February 2 Recording