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How Can I Resolve a Card Transaction That Requires a Receipt or Repayment?

IRS regulations require that card transactions be verified (to show your plan benefits were used to pay for eligible expenses).

WageWorks© does not offer generic Card Use Verifications (CUV). All CUVs are prepopulated with the card transactions being requested. If you misplace your CUV form, you may request a duplicate from WageWorks© via phone or access it through the claim in your online WageWorks© account. CUVs expedite processing but are not required to resolve card transactions. Please follow the instructions below to resolve unverified card transactions.

Options to resolve a card transaction:

  • Submit a copy of the detailed receipt for the actual card transaction that contains the service date, service description, patient name, provider name, and your cost.
  • Submit a copy of any number of substitute receipt(s) for any eligible products and services that you did not and will not pay for using funds in your health care account.
    • The receipt(s) must include the service date, service description, patient name, provider name, and your cost (amount of patient financial responsibility).
    • The substitute receipt(s) must be for an eligible expense incurred by an eligible dependent during the same coverage period as the card transaction to be verified.
  • Send a check to repay your account for the above amount if you no longer have the detailed receipt or if you accidentally used your card to pay for ineligible expenses.
    • The amount that is repaid will be available to pay for other eligible expenses you incur during your plan year. Any amount of card transactions that remains unverified 90 days after the card transaction date will be automatically deducted from any future Pay Me Back claim payments.
    • Your check should be made out to: WageWorks
    • Please mail your check to: Claims Administrator-FBWW, PO Box 14326, Lexington, KY 40512
    • Please submit the following information with your payment to ensure desired processing: First and Last Name, Employer: State of Michigan, Last 4 numbers of your Employee ID, Residential Zip Code, and Birth Date (month/year).
    • Please note which transactions you are repaying to ensure the repayment is processed correctly.

Reminder: Failure to submit appropriate proof or repayment for your card transactions will result in suspension/loss of your card privileges, possible tax penalties, and recoupment. If these unsubstantiated claims remain on your account after the Plan Year Documentation Deadline (Run-Out Period), the State of Michigan will begin the collection as defined within the Michigan Civil Service Commission Regulation 5.16, Correcting Compensation & Benefit Errors.