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What happens if I do not send itemized documentation to WageWorks©?

If using the WageWorks© Health Care Card, the Card will be suspended if you do not submit documentation to WageWorks© within 90 days of the original transaction date. If your Card is suspended, it will be reactivated within 24 - 48 hours after receipt or repayment has been processed and approved for all unverified Card transactions.

If using a Pay Me Back claim, WageWorks© will recoup the unsubstantiated amounts through your next Pay Me Back claim submission.

If any amount remains unsubstantiated after the 2021 plan year run-out period (March 31st) and is not recouped by WageWorks©, you will be required to repay the amount as defined by Michigan Civil Service Commission Regulation 5.19. This means the unsubstantiated amount will be recouped from your pay or you will receive a corrected W-2.