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Can I use my WageWorks Health Care Card to pay for expenses from the previous plan year?

The WageWorks Health Care FSA Card cannot be used to pay for expenses from the previous plan year. You must submit previous year’s claims using the Pay Me Back or Pay My Provider claim forms during the runout period by following either of the steps below:

1) Pay Me Back Claim

Submit a Health Care FSA Pay Me Back Claim online by logging into your account at and selecting Submit Receipt or Claim. You also have the option to mail or fax a claim form to WageWorks.

2) Pay My Provider

Use this payment option to submit a claim to make a payment directly to your provider; log in to your WageWorks account and click Submit Claim or Receipt > Pay My Provider (for Health Care) and then follow the instructions. You can request a one-time payment or recurring monthly payment for eligible services (e.g., chiropractic, orthodontia, etc.).