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What is the HealthEquity|WageWorks Health Care FSA Card?

The HealthEquity|WageWorks Health Care FSA Card allows you to pay for eligible purchases directly from your Health Care FSA. The Card works like a debit card, except the funds are deducted from your Health Care FSA, as governed by Internal Revenue Service regulations. The Card can be used at medical, dental, vision appointments, retail establishments, and pharmacies depending on which Health Care FSA you are enrolled in. Use the Card to pay for services or purchases the day you receive them. If paying a provider invoice after the initial date of service, use the HealthEquity member portal to request reimbursement.

HealthEquity|WageWorks issues a new Health Care FSA Card for those who are newly enrolled, and when existing cards expire. The Health Care FSA Card will expire every three years. You should continue to use your current Health Care FSA Card until you are issued a replacement from HealthEquity|WageWorks©.

To activate the Card, you must use the last four digits of your Employee ID#. Cards for your dependents are activated by using the last four digits of their Social Security Number (SSN), rather than the employee's SSN. You will not be charged a fee to obtain, activate, or use the Card.

The Health Care FSA Card cannot be used for Dependent Care FSA expenses. For additional tips and information on using the Card, go to