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Catastrophic Benefits

The State will cover the full premium cost of this plan,* and you will receive a $50 biweekly payment for being enrolled in the Catastrophic Health Plan. Please refer to the Insurance Rates Page.

This is a hospitalization-only plan intended as an option if you have coverage elsewhere (for example, through a spouse who works for another employer). Be sure to check the terms of coverage under any other plan to ensure coverage rules allow primary coverage under that plan. Benefits under this plan are payable only after you have paid expenses equal to one month's basic salary (your deductible). The maximum deductible for two or more covered persons in your family is limited to 1½ months of your basic salary.

This plan covers inpatient hospital expenses, as well as certain other services received at the hospital on an outpatient basis (including emergency room care). This plan does not cover prescription charges, office visit charges, medical equipment, psychiatric services, or other major medical services.