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Employee Benefits

We are committed to meeting the benefit needs of State of Michigan employees, retirees and their families through the efficient administration and delivery of group benefit programs. We will achieve our mission through an ongoing analysis of our benefits history and experiences, and the knowledgeable interpretation and communication of available benefits, services and enhancements, so that we can effectively meet our customers' current and future needs.

The Employee Benefits Division is charged with responsibility to:

  • Oversee and maintain vendor contracts with all benefit insurance carriers doing business with the State of Michigan.
  • Ensure that insurance vendors adhere to guidelines established in contract.
  • Conduct annual open enrollment for the flexible benefit program.
  • Maintain health-care and dependent-care flexible-spending accounts (i.e., conduct annual open enrollment, and respond to questions).
  • Oversee the COBRA (continuation of benefits) program.
  • Maintain Waiver of Premium life insurance for persons who are disabled.
  • Ensure no duplication of coverage for state employees or their dependents through the state-sponsored group-insurance programs.

The Employee Health and Wellness Website provides health-related articles, monthly online WOW News, and links to wellness-related websites to help get fit and stay fit.