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Bureau of Data and Applications Support (BDAS)

BDAS coordinates within the Civil Service Commission and across other state agencies responsible for interrelated processes in the Human Resources Management Network (HRMN). HRMN is the state's enterprise software system for managing employees' personnel, benefits, and payroll information. BDAS is responsible for allocating resources, budgeting, purchasing, contract administration, program planning, data access, and data reporting. BDAS facilitates use of the HRMN and other system and applications through different work teams. BDAS includes teams for:

  • Production Support to serve as the research and development arm for HRMN; help design and test new and innovative application of existing technology; and ensures the system supports, day-to-day, the ongoing efforts of the HR community to serve the needs of state employees and program managers.
  • Project Management to assist agency staff and system users with NEOGOV modules (recruitment/selection, performance management, onboarding, and forms delivery); the State of Michigan Learning Center (SOMLC); and HR-focused projects and lean-process-improvement initiatives.
  • Special Initiatives to investigate upgrades and improvements to agency applications and lead other future-focused projects.

Division of Data Management

The Division of Data Management oversees teams for:

  • Security, Automation, and Self-Service to govern access to the statewide HRMN system; establish data access roles and protocols; develop automated processes to improve operational effectiveness; and manage agency privacy, security, and control procedures.
  • Data Management and Reports (DMR) to provide access to data within HRMN and the Management Information Database (MIDB); establish and maintain standard reports; design and execute special reports and data inquiries; develop interfaces with other data systems; and creatively apply system information to enhance HR-related processes.