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Office of Business Applications Support (OBAS)

OBAS coordinates within the Civil Service Commission and across other state agencies and offices responsible for the interrelated processes within the Human Resources Management Network(HRMN), including Office of the State Employer, Office of Financial Management Department of Treasury, and Department of Technology, Management, and Budget.

HRMN is the State of Michigan enterprise software system for managing employees' personnel, benefits, and payroll information. OBAS is responsible for allocation of resources, budget, purchasing, contract administration, program planning, data access, and data reporting. Use of the HRMN system is facilitated by OBAS in seven cluster areas through different work teams:

  • Lawson contract management
  • System access and security
  • System data and reporting services
  • Service center coordination
  • Special project sponsorship
  • User preparation and assistance
  • HR Self-Service support

Central Security
The HRMN Central Security Administration team oversees access to the statewide HRMN system. Central Security establishes data access roles and protocols; maintains the access password system for over 1,100 human resource professionals and over 50,000 employee self-service users; and trains and supports the statewide network of Agency Security Administrators.
Data Management & Reports
The Data Management and Reports team provides access to data within HRMN and the Management Information Database (MIDB). This includes establishing and maintaining standard reports; designing and executing special reports and data inquiries; developing interfaces with other data systems; and creatively applying system information to enhance Civil Service and other state HR-related processes.

Project Management & Production Support
The Project Management & Production Support team serves as the research and development arm for HRMN, helping design and test new and innovative application of existing technology. The team also ensures the system supports, on a day-to-day basis, the ongoing efforts of the HR professional community to serve the HR needs of state employees and program managers.