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Phase I

Michigan Strategic Workforce Plan Phase 1


The goal of Phase I is to determine future functional requirements through the department’s strategic planning and budgeting process.  This information will serve as the basis for workforce planning.

Workforce Planning Line

Strategic Leadership Team

Phase I is led by the Strategic Leadership Team which is typically composed of the department’s executive management team; those members of the department who have the responsibility to set the overall direction for implementing the vision and mission of the department.  This Team is the primary group implementing Phase I.

Workforce Planning Line


The Strategic Leadership Team will know the vision, mission and goals from the Department’s Strategic Plan.  This knowledge will serve as the basis for strategies to address the department’s human capital needs of the future.

The Strategic Leaders will be able to:

  • set the overall alignment with the Strategic Plan
  • provide a broad overview of needs
  • commit resources and support to effectively create and implement a Strategic Workforce Plan
  • identify the members of the Department Development and Implementation Team
The Leaders should meet as necessary to develop the framework and provide guidance (See Phase I Outcomes) to the Department Development & Implementation Team which will implement Phase II.
Workforce Planning Line


  • Identification of Priority Programs
  • Identification of Program Changes
  • Identification of Key Leadership and Specialty Positions
  • Identification of Changes in the Legal Environment
  • Identification of Changes in Technology
  • Identification of Competencies (technical & behavioral)
  • Commitment of Resources
Workforce Planning Line

CS 1796 Identification of Priority Programs