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Phase II

Workforce Planning Phase II


Based on the strategic direction outlined in Phase I, the goal of Phase II is to identify the department’s gaps in human capital and develop strategies to address them.

Workforce Planning Line

Department Development & Implementation Team

Phase II is led by the Development and Implementation Team which is typically composed of managers who know the organization, represent cross-functional areas including Human Resources, have creditability within the department and have the time to commit to the process.  It is usually led by the HR Director.

Workforce Planning Line


The Department Development and Implementation Team will conduct gap analyses for each of the prioritized demands.  The Team will use the gap analyses and develop strategies to address gaps in the department’s current and future human capital needs.

The Team should:

  • analyze the identified priority programs to ensure human resources decisions are aligned with the department priorities and program needs
  • review their area to identify the alignment of their current and future human capital
  • recommend program changes, where necessary
  • examine the human capital needs of each area of the department
  • prepare strategies to address gaps in supply and demand
The team leader should be the Department HR Director.  That is because the HR Director has the knowledge and experience in human resources to guide the process, knows what divisional/departmental growth or reduction plans are expected, and has an overall understanding of the department and its mission and vision.  If another person is selected, it should be a member of the management team in order to ensure leadership, commitment, credibility and expertise in developing your Strategic Workforce Plan.
Workforce Planning Line


  • Department Leadership commitment and approval for Strategy Implementation obtained
  • Organization changes recommended
  • Determination of what classifications may need to be revised
  • Recommendation of key positions to be targeted for Succession Planning
  • Recruitment strategies determined
  • Training and development plans developed
  • Re-deployment strategies developed
  • Implementation strategies prioritized

CS 1797 Priority Programs and Human Capital Alignment