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Phase III

Workforce Planning Phase 3


The goal of Phase III is to implement the workforce planning strategies developed in Phase II.

Workforce Planning Line

Department Development & Implementation Team and Work Groups

The Phase III work groups are selected by the Department Team to implement the Plan developed in Phase II.

Workforce Planning Line


Work groups consisting of HR Office staff and line managers are assigned specific strategy goals and timelines for implementation.  The Department Development & Implementation Team will oversee the implementation of each of the identified strategies.  It is suggested this occur either through regular meetings or each Team member may be assigned individual oversight roles.

The Team should:

  • ensure each Strategy is clear, concise, and measurable
  • outline steps for each initiative
  • set timelines
  • determine work groups to implement the plan
  • monitor initiatives of the Work Groups and
  • provide periodic updates to the Leadership Team to ensure alignment
Workforce Planning Line


  • Initiatives are completed within the timelines
  • Reports are submitted to the Strategic Leadership Team
  • HR metrics are utilized to assess effectiveness
  • The Strategic Workforce Plan and its alignment with the department’s future is communicated