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Phase IV

Workforce Planning Phase 3


Phase IV focuses on the continuous improvement of the workforce planning process. 

Workforce Planning Line

Strategic Leadership Team

Phase IV is led by the Strategic Leadership Team.  Even though the team may have been continuously monitoring the Plan’s effectiveness, Phase IV is the identified period for the Team to assess whether the Strategic Workforce Planning goals have been met.

Workforce Planning Line


The Strategic Leadership Team should conduct this Phase through the review of reports provided by the Department Development & Implementation Team and necessary follow-up meetings.

The Strategic Leaders should:

  • review the Strategic Workforce Plan in conjunction with the department’s Strategic Plan
  • review the plans, programs and organizational changes to ensure that they align with the overall Plan
  • make adjustments to ensure optimal alignment
  • review changes that have occurred in the environment of state government and the department in order to plan for the next fiscal year
Workforce Planning Line


  • Effectiveness of each strategy examined through quantitative or qualitative information from the Department Development & Implementation Team
  • “Lessons learned” available as an aid in developing subsequent MI Strategic Workforce Plans, budgeting and overall department Strategic Planning