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Sample Template Strategic Workforce Plan Contents

  Define the scope of the plan and department commitment.
Executive Summary
  A snap shot explanation or chart of each human capital goal, the strategy to achieving the goal, which strategic goal does the strategy address, timeline and who is assigned the implementation.  Priority order may also assist in providing a quick reference.
Strategy Description
  This is the plan detail section describing the following:
  • which goal and objective the strategy is addressing from the department’s strategic plan;
  • the importance of this objective to the department’s mission;
  • identification of any other workforce or environmental factors that may drive a need for a change in the department’s goals and objectives;
  • the current human capital status;
  • the gap analysis based on the projected supply and demand workforce data; and
  • strategies to address the needs identified by the gap analysis (shortages or surpluses.)
Measurement of Success
  How will you define success and what tools will you use to evaluate the strategies identified.
Reference Information
  Include the department’s mission, vision, strategic goals and objectives and any other information with the potential to influence critical changes within the department.  In order to have all related materials together, it may be helpful to add the actual workforce data reports and organizational charts.