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Multimedia Design Model

The Multimedia Design Model is one version of literally scores of instructional systems design (ISD) models that have been designed for education and training. The model includes four major functions: 1) analysis, 2) design, 3) production, and 4) evaluation. Each function is divided into a set of specific activities. A list of the project team members most likely to be involved in a function is also included as well as a list of the interim products likely to come out of that function. One danger in applying this tool is that you might think you have to check off each activity in a linear manner. Actual multimedia development projects will include some of these activities and not others. Additional activities not included in this model may be required. The team make-up and the specific interim products will also vary considerably according to the nature of a real-world project. The model is only meant to suggest the types of activities to be followed. It is a guide, not a blueprint.