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Level 4/5 Assessment

Level 4/5 - Quantifiable measures are used to assess organizational impact.

Examples of measurable outcomes may include employee injuries and turnover, product/service quality, productivity, profitability, sales, training-related costs, and cost benefits to the business. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to identify whether alternate factors may have contributed to or somehow influenced changes in organizational performance.

Following are some tools that can assist with a Level 4/5 assessment.

Training ROI Payoff Calculator - This link to OneOnOne Computer Training ( provides a tool where you can plug in your own data and assumptions to calculate the return on your training investment.

ROI Formula for a Work-based Learning Program - This is a Return on Investment (ROI) Formula template from Work-basedLearning.Org.

ROI Worksheet for a Work-based Learning Program - This template from Work-basedLearning.Org can help you in gathering data to make a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for your work-based learning program.

ROI Worksheet for a Work-based Learning Program - This worksheet from Work-basedLearning.Org shows the formula used by the West Virginia Department of Education to calculate the overall ROI for the State?s Adult Basic Education program. Such calculations make the business case for such programs to policy-makers and other key stakeholders.

Training ROI Excel Worksheet - This worksheet from is designed to help you calculate the "real" or "actual" cost of any "off the job" training program and place a future ?value? on your performance in the portion of your job that uses the knowledge/skills that may be improved by the training. You must have Microsoft Excel97 or later to use this worksheet.

Balanced Scorecard Worksheet - This worksheet from can be used to tie workplace education to business strategies and identify key evaluation priorities and audiences organized around the balanced scorecard.