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Michigan State Assessments

Accountability Best Practices: Data Reporting Guide Document
Assessment and Accountability Grades K-12 Web Page
Assessment Coordinator Training Guide Document
Assessment Integrity Guide Document
Assessment Security Training Information Document
Assessment Security Training - How to Access Modules
Assessment - YouTube
Educational Entity Master (EEM) Web Page
Formative Assessment Process Web Page
Guide to State Assessments Document
OEAA Secure Site Instructions Web page
OEAA Secure Site | Login Web Page
MEIS Login Web Page
Michigan School Accountability
MI School Data Web Page
MI Streamnet Web Page
New Administrator and Assessment Coordinator Primer - All Assessments Document
Parent Dashboard Resources and Link Web Page
Security Compliance Form Document
Spotlight Newsletter Web Page
Testing Schedule for Summative Assessments Document

ACT - Michigan Sponsored

ACT WorkKeys - Michigan Web Page
PearsonAccessnext System Web Page
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College Board PSAT and SAT Michigan Sponsored

College Board Reporting Portal Web Page
PSAT, Michigan Sponsored Web Page
College Board SSD Online System Web Page
College Board - Michigan Web Page

Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark Assessments (K-2)

2018-2019 Early Literacy and Mathematics Important Dates and Resources Document
Early Literacy and Mathematics Test Administration Manual Document
Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark (K-2) Web Page
eDIRECT Web Page


MI-Access List of Important Dates Document
MI-Access Alternate Assessment Web Page
MI-Access FI Test Administration Manual Document
MI-Access P/SI Administration Manual Document
Should My Student Take the Alternate Assessment? Document

MME - Michigan Merit Exam

MME and PSAT List of Important Dates Document
MME Web Page
Who Must/Can Take the MME? Document


M-STEP List of Important Dates Document
M-STEP Test Administration Manual Document
M-STEP Summative Web Page

Student Supports and Accommodations

M-STEP, MI-Access, SAT, ACT WorkKeys, and WIDA Student Supports and Accommodations Table Document
M-STEP, MI-Access, and WIDA Supports and Accommodations Guidance Document Document
M-STEP Supports and Accommodations Companion Document Document
ELMBA K-2 Supports and Accommodations Table and Resources 2018 Document
English Learners (EL) Supports Web Page


WIDA New Assessment Coordinator Primer Document
WIDA New Assessment Principal Document
WIDA New Assessment Principal Document
WIDA List of Important Dates Primer
WIDA ACCESS for ELLs, WIDA Screener, W-APT Web Page
WIDA ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Michigan Specific Test Administration Manual Document
Michigan Policy Manual WIDA Screener & W-APT Michigan Policy Manual Document
WIDA Secure Portal Web Page