Family FUNdamentals Pre K-3 Learning Activities

Studies show that students are more likely to achieve and succeed if the enter school and each grade with the foundational skills needed to be ready.

A child's ability to succeed in school takes a partnership—one that begins at home and continues in school. To ensure all students enter school ready to learn, the Michigan Department of Education has developed a variety of literacy and math activities for preschool to fourth grade students parents can help their children practice at home.

These activities are aligned with the with state and federal standards.


All information contained in this publication may be printed, copied and given to parents as you choose. For example, you could print and copy a full English Language Arts activities for each parent, or select specific skill activities based on student need.

The FAMILY FUNdamentals for Literacy activities were created with the help of teachers, parents, and reading specialists on the Michigan Department of Education's Early Literacy Committee.

Special thanks to Linda Wacyk, Jan Ellis, Steve Anderson, Bonnie Rockefellow, Annena McCleskey, Faith Stevens and Lindy Bush. Editorial Services and Publishing by Linda Wacyk, Partnership For Learning and Jon Mc Duffy.  Prepress Layout and Design by Marilyn ( Sam ) Nesbitt. Illustrations by Carrie Strom.

Contributors include:

Julie Ankrum
Jill Fleming
Cindy Merkel
Marvelle Vannest
Linda Ayres
Julie Fredrick
Madonna Nanasi
Mary Vliek
Jeffery Beal
Margarita Frommert
Gretchen Nataro
Elaine Weber
Gloria Bennett
Betsy Hannah
Sally Perkins
Cari Bushinski
Barbara Jaszcz
Kathy Petlicke
Ana Cardona
Jeanne Klaes
Elisabeth Pick
Beth Conway
Sue Madro
Marilyn Ostrander
Sheara Ferguson
Molly McGlynn
Sharen Turnbull

More resources to follow. For additional information contact: Jan Ellis,, (517) 373-9391.