Field Services Technical Assistance Video Updates

Below are links to videos that provide technical assistance to school districts on the programs administered by the Office of Field Services.  The What's New section provides pertinent information for the time of year on how to manage programs effectively and focuses on changes to processes, policies, or programs.  The Managing Federal Programs category provides program-specific technical assistance for State and Federal Program Directors and/or persons responsible for the programs.

Please Note: A high speed internet connection and  QuickTime 7 is required to view the videos. 

What's New

2011-12 (2009-10) Consolidated Application Budget Detail & Fiscal Issues 

2010-11 Title I School Selection Application PowerPoint

2010-11 Consolidated Application Training

Parent Engagement

Title I Targeted Assistance 101

Ensuring Equitable Services for Private Non-Profit School Children

2009-10 Consolidated Application Video

2009-10 Title I School Selection Application Video

2009-10 LEA Planning Cycle Application Video

2009-10 Consolidated Application Budget Detail & Fiscal Issues 


Managing Federal Programs

2007-08 Consolidated Applications

Additional Resources

Cash Management System (CMS) and Carryover