FCS Program Information

Family and Consumer Science   

Family and Consumer Science (CIP 19.0000) programs are based on State Board of Education approved Michigan Life Management Education Content Standards and Benchmarks for programs K-12. FCS programs allow students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to become contributing members of society and function in multiple roles of day-to-day living and employment throughout their life cycle. FCS programs are considered non-wage earning career and technical education programs.

FCS programs develop student knowledge and skills in: interpersonal relationships, career and employability skills, characteristics of nurturing, human development, responsible decision-making, responsibility, personal and family wellness, effects of change, consumerism, effect of technology, and use of resources.

State-Approved programs can receive added cost funding for Parenthood education if the established criteria and reporting requirements are met.

Related Career and Technical Student Organization: Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America (FCCLA)

For more information on Family and Consumer Science Programs or FCCLA contact:

Department of Education
Office of Career and Technical Education
Family and Consumer Science Consultant
P.O. Box 30712
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 517-241-4355