CTE Student Procedures and Procedural Steps for Identifying and Collecting Certifications

The following policies and procedures were recommended by the Assessment and Accountability Referent Group (AARG) and accepted by the Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE) as recorded in the AARG minutes from the January 28, 2014, meeting.

Accepted Processes for Accepting Student Certifications


Certification Identification

The process to determine which certifications are acceptable for federal reporting is to originate from recommendations made by either the OCTE Assessment Cluster Referent Groups (CRGs) or similarly structured group.  These groups consist of secondary and postsecondary teachers and business and industry members.  The process will include member’s ratings for each certification considering the: match to the program standards; value to postsecondary institutions; and value to business and industry partners related to the program content standards. Rating results and the recommendations will be brought to the OCTE to decide the certification/s that should be acceptable.

Certification Data Collection

The process to determine the best method to collect certification data for use in matching with Career and Technical Education Information System (CTEIS) data for federal reporting will include a set of questions to be forwarded to the certification awarding entity.  The responses to the questions will be used for OCTE to determine the best method of collecting the certification data, which will either be directly from the awarding entity or from the district.  OCTE will decide the best time to verify the certification data submitted by the districts.

Accepted Procedural Steps Aligning to the OCTE Policy


Student Certification Identification

  1. The process to determine which certifications are acceptable for federal reporting are as follows:

    1. A group of Subject Matter Experts (SME) for the specific career and technical education (CTE) program areas will be lead through a review process toward recommending certification/s that can be used for a CTE program.

      1. SME Group can be the Assessment CRGs or other group that consists of secondary and postsecondary educators as well as business and industry members related to the CTE program.

    2. The SME Group is provided with 1) the CTE program technical standards and 2) Certification information related to the content and skills associated with the certification, for each certification under consideration.

    3. The SME group is asked to rate their perception of value of each certification on the following situations:

      1. What proportion would you estimate that the technical standards for this program are represented by this certification?

      2. What rating would you give this certification’s value to employers in this field?

      3. What rating would you give this certification’s value to postsecondary education programs for this field?

    4. Recommendations are to be summarized and presented for OCTE to consider as valid certifications for CTE programs. The recommendations should include:

      1. A list of certifications that are considered relevant to the program.

      2. Summary perception ratings for each of the questions pertaining to: estimated proportions of the technical standards represented by the certification, postsecondary institution value, and employer value.

Student Certification Data Collection

  1. The process to determine the best method to collect certification data for use in matching with CTEIS data for federal reporting is as follows:

    1. A short standard set of questions have been developed to ascertain the likelihood of coordinating data between the certification awarding entity and OCTE.  Click the following link to access this information: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Local-Certification-Review_509528_7.pdf.  This set of questions will be forwarded to the certification awarding entities.

    2. Responses from the certification awarding entities will be analyzed, summarized, and reviewed for consideration of coordinating student certification result data between the awarding entity and OCTE.

    3. A decision will be made by OCTE as to the best method of capturing the certification result data.

      1. For those situations where data sharing is not considered a feasible way, then districts can input data in CTEIS where the data can be entered via either a drop menu or direct selection process as described: CTEIS user selects the CIP Code for certification data entry; Select the certification awarding entity; Select the student from the program; enter the score and date certification acquired for those who passed; upload a pdf of the official certification or certification roster for the awarding entity.

      2. During the interim, an OCTE Moodle survey could be used to capture the information, in similar form described above, with the addition of school and program identification data.

    4. OCTE would decide when the best time for verifying the data should occur.

    5. Districts will need to comply with the rules regarding retaining actual records on site for the duration of the Perkins grant law.