Social Studies Alignment Project Clarification and Update

Welcome to the Social Studies Alignment Project 

The OEAA (now the Office of Standards and Assessment-OSA) undertook the Social Studies Alignment Project (2008-2009) in conjunction with Michigan educators and social studies experts.

While this project resulted in a robust (matrixed) assessment plan, budgetary and staffing constraints have precluded developing enough quality items to implement the plan.  The OSA is conducting item writing sessions this summer (August 2011); however, replenishing the item bank for the current test blueprints is the foremost goal.

Future funding will determine whether the OSA will be in a position to implement the Alignment Project plan.

The MDE continues to support the importance of assessing social studies at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in order to ensure the citizens of Michigan have the background in civics, history, geography, and economics to become informed citizens.

The Social Studies Alignment Project provides information about the scope and meaning of the social studies content expectations and indicates how they will be assessed at each grade level.  

The resource identifies each content expectation with either a C (assessed at classroom and district levels) or an S (assessed at classroom, district, and state levels; and may be assessed on the MEAP or the Michigan Merit Exam (MME)).  Items designated as state assessable also include a code that indicates plans for assessment: CC, Cc, or M as defined below. 

Additionally, this resource provides information about the scope of the standard as defined by the content expectations at each grade level. It also provides a focus question and accompanying short narrative Sample Response that further define the scope of each content expectation. 

C = Assessed at classroom and district levels 
S = Assessed at classroom, district, and state levels; may be assessed on MEAP or MME
CC = State assessed; Common Core; Common to all forms
Cc   = State assessed; Common; Matrixed by form every year
M    = State assessed; Matrixed by form over two or three years
H, G, C, E indicates the standard which serves as the lens through which the expectation will be assessed and reported

Teachers and content experts developed the Social Studies Alignment documents. These teachers and experts incorporated input from committees organized by the Office of Educational Assessment and Accountability. All Sample Responses were reviewed by a task force of educators/experts from across the state. 

First Grade 
Second Grade 
Third Grade 
Fourth Grade 
Fifth Grade 
Sixth Grade 
Seventh Grade 
Eighth Grade 

World History & Geography 
U.S. History & Geography 

Curriculum-Assessment Overview Documents

Social Studies grades 3-8 
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