New Michigan K-12 Science Standards

This past November, after more than two years of review, the State Board of Education adopted new standards for science.  The new Michigan K-12 Science Standards, based upon the Next Generation Science Standards, replace the standards adopted in 2006, commonly known as the Grade Level Content Expectations and High School Content Expectations for Science.The new standards are really a set of student performance expectations.  These performance expectations incorporate three main elements:

  • Disciplinary Core Ideas (science specific concepts in the life, earth, and physical sciences),
  • Science and Engineering Practices (the practices of engaging in scientific investigation to answer questions, and engineering design to solve problems),
  • Cross-Cutting Concepts (conceptual ideas common to all areas of science).

These expectations are also interwoven across disciplines, including connections to language arts and mathematics.

The Michigan Science Standards, as adopted in November 2015, are available through the links below.  Additional resources and guidance regarding the transition to these standards will be published here in the future.

The adoption of new standards provides a tremendous opportunity in our state not only to improve science learning, but also to improve literacy and thinking skills of all children.  For more information, see the document entitled "Supporting Early Literacy Development and Science Instruction".

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