Personalized learning

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning occurs when the student has a degree of choice over his or her education in terms of delivery, context, and pacing. Individual outcomes and how proficiency will be demonstrated is collaboratively defined. The student’s interests, experiences, and abilities guide his or her learning, making new information more relevant and meaningful. This approach has the potential to build the student’s capacity and desire to learn beyond the scope of the curriculum and the confines of the classroom.

Personalized Teaching

Personalized teaching is the continual collaboration between the teacher and the student with the teacher facilitating, mentoring, and monitoring of student choices about personal learning plans. It incorporates flexibility within the learning environment to allow student needs to drive instructional strategies, assessments, use of time, and materials. By connecting a student’s instruction to his or her personal interests, experiences, and abilities, a greater sense of ownership and efficacy is fostered in the student.

Educational Technology

Educational technology is essential to the implementation of personalized learning. When used effectively, educational technology increases the access and engagement of educators and students in a system designed to adapt to the needs of the learner and support the customization of the learner’s teaching and learning.

Effective use of education technology increases the engagement of educators, students, and peers with learning goals by providing students with more control over their learning.