Personalized Learning Models and Vignettes


Past Webinar Vignette Recordings

Teaching in a Flipped Classroom - Presented by Tara Maynard, Zeeland Public Schools (March 31, 2015) - What does a flipped classroom look like and what does it take to set one up? This vignette shows different ways  to develop lessons outside of class as well as a variety of activities and ways to use the in-class face-to-face time so that each student has his/her needs met.  

Engaging Students in Meaningful Learning - Presented by Ben Gilpin, Warner Elementary School (April 14, 2015)

Project Based Learning - Presented by Nate Langel, Kent Innovation High School (April 30, 2015) - An inside look at the daily doings and big picture of Kent Innovation High School, a project-based learning school in Grand Rapids, MI.

Friday Night Lights - In the Classroom - Presented by David Theune, Spring Lake Public Schools (May 8, 2015) - When technology hit the classroom of this 12-year veteran teacher, David Theune knew he had to change. In this webinar, you'll get specific examples of how he creates meaning for his students by giving them real audiences. It works for students in football and theatre and band. Why can't it work in the classroom?

Creating a Genius in Every Hour - Presented by Nicholas Provenzono, Grosse Pointe Public Schools (May 21, 2015) - 20 Time, AKA Genius Hour, is a program that allows students to explore interests they are passionate about while strengthening their reading, writing, research, and speaking skills. The individualized nature of these student projects ensures a diverse learning environment for all learners. 



Other PL Resources

Report: Innovative Schools in Michigan - from the Center on Innovations in Learning, 2015