District-Administered Universal Screening Assessments

District Administered Universal Screening Assessments

Universal screeners address a specific skill or ability (sensory, behavioral, developmental, and/or academic) that is predictive of a later outcome.  Screeners are often low-cost, quick and easy to administer, repeatable, and administered to all students at least three times per academic calendar year.  Information provided from screening assessments includes evidence of content and subjects taught to all students (core curriculum), environment, and instruction effectiveness.  In addition, screeners provide identification of students who may need additional, diagnostic, assessment and/or intervention.  

Characteristics of universal screening assessments include:

· Accessible and administered to all students,

· Assessment of critical skills and concepts,

· Brief administration time (<10 minutes) and easily scored,

· Quick turnaround time of aggregated and disaggregated data provided to classroom teachers,

· Repeatable,

· Reliable and valid. (The assessment should have undergone psychometric analyses by a psychometrician.)

Some thoughts to consider for proper screener use:

· A combination of screening measures are more accurate than a single measure. 

· Screening measures should address both skills and ability.

· Screening should occur multiple times throughout the academic calendar year in order to catch false positives and identify those that may have been overlooked on the first screen.

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