Budget Services

Budget Services provides central support and coordination of the Department's operations budget which totals over $1.0 billion and includes funding from over forty-one distinct federal, restricted and state fund sources. Facilitates the development of the annual agency budget in coordination with the House and Senate Fiscal Agencies and the Department of Management and Budget. Serves as the Department's central office for approval of contracts issued by the Department. Approves funding for all personnel hired by the Department.

Department Budget Services staff includes:

Ann Dennis, Financial Management Director
Phone: 517-241-2113
E-mail: DennisA@michigan.gov

Vacant, Assistant Director
Phone: 517-335-3672
E-mail: @michigan.gov

Juan Suasto, Assistant Director
Phone: 517-335-1121
E-mail: SuastoJ@michigan.gov

Vacant, Executive Secretary
Phone: 517-241-2208
E-mail: @michigan.gov

Alyssa Fisher, Financial Specialist
Phone: 517-335-0504
E-mail: FisherA12@michigan.gov

Beth Glomski, Financial Specialist
Phone: 517-241-2204
E-mail: GlomskiE@michigan.gov