Federal Uniform Guidance Resources

Uniform Guidance Resources

Uniform Guidance Regulations

HTML version of Federal Uniform Guidance (UG) at e-CFR 

FAQ (Published by United States Department of Education)

Released March 17, 2016

Crosswalks and Side-by-Sides (Published by OMB & COFAR)

The following documents were created by OMB & COFAR and are intended as supporting materials to facilitate review of the Uniform Guidance.  Where there are any discrepancies between the supporting documents and the final guidance, the final guidance takes precedence.

OMB/COFAR Training Webinars and Slides (Published by OMB & COFAR)

October 2, 2014 Webinar:

On October 2, 2014, COFAR and OMB conducted a webinar on implementation of the Uniform Guidance.  This webinar included presentations by Federal officials as well as by several outside stakeholders.  Below are links to each section of the webinar.