- Sheila Alles - Chief Deputy Superintendent​

Sheila Alles

Sheila Alles is the Chief Deputy Superintendent for the Michigan Department of Education, resuming her position after serving as the Interim State Superintendent.  

In May 2018, the State Board of Education appointed Sheila as the Interim State Superintendent following the passing of State Superintendent, Brian Whiston.  She was the first woman of state superintendents in almost 200 years and served in this position for 15 months until the appointment in August 2019 of Dr. Michael Rice as State Superintendent. 

Sheila Alles was the Chief Deputy Superintendent for the Michigan Department of Education from March 2017 to May 2018.  One of her biggest priorities is to continue the implementation of Michigan’s Strategic Plan to become a Top 10 Education State in 10 years.

She brings a wealth of educational and leadership experiences to the Department.  The first half of her career was spent in the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools where she taught students in kindergarten through eighth grade, except first grade.  She also has administrative experience as a curriculum coordinator and curriculum director.  The second half of her career was spent in the Livonia Public Schools where her administrative positions included elementary principal, director of elementary instruction, director of academic services, and chief academic officer.  

Her passion for teaching and learning is reflected in the positions she has held with professional organizations, such as a member of the Michigan Association for School Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Board, member of the Michigan AdvancED Council, past chairperson of Metropolitan Bureau of School Studies—Council of Academic Leadership, member of Wayne County Curriculum Planning Team, and member of the Madonna University Teacher Education Committee.  Sheila also has experience as an adjunct professor of literacy at the undergraduate and graduate collegiate level. 

Currently, she serves as a member of Launch Michigan, a commissioner on the Education Commission of the States, commissioner on the Michigan Community Services Commission, and member of the Mi-STEM Advisory Council.

Her leadership at the state level has been recognized by the former governor, Rick Snyder, the Michigan State Board of Education, the Michigan Department of Education, the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators, the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, and the Institute for Educational Leadership through Michigan State University.

A few of the many aspects of her career in which she is most proud include developing and implementing a district-wide school improvement monitoring system, an elementary teacher leader program, a multi-year technology professional learning program to support classroom technology tools, a school administrator mentoring program, and several instructional coaching programs.  Her greatest challenge, yet one of the most rewarding experiences of her career was to lead the educational system in Michigan.  As Interim State Superintendent, she successfully provided stability within the Michigan Department of Education by maintaining the momentum started by Superintendent Whiston to make Michigan a Top 10 Education State.