Professional Development Characteristics of Quality


April 12, 2001


Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Education Association, Michigan Association of School Administrators, and Michigan Federation of Teachers and School Related Personnel agree that the following criteria should be considered when designing professional development in response to the requirements in Sections 1526 and 1527, Section 95 and Section 101 (11).

Quality professional development:

  • Is for the purpose of enhancing teaching and learning.

  • Is consistent with building and district school improvement plans and, when available, NCA goals and district strategic plans.

  • Is part of an ongoing comprehensive professional development plan that addresses the long-term professional needs of the individual as well as the long-term change of practice in the building and district.

  • Is characterized by the knowledge of educational needs of students, the study of proven research and inclusive of the best use of new technologies.

  • Includes best principles of adult learning that includes design by the educators and non-teaching staff for whom the professional development is intended.

  • Occurs when educators and non-teaching staff collaborate and share knowledge with each other.

  • Requires ongoing reflection.

  • Is helpful to all school staff as they work to meet the needs of students who learn in different ways and come from diverse backgrounds.

  • Is no less than one hour in length.