• Educator Evaluation Professional Learning Opportunities

    MDE’s Office of Educator Excellence (OEE) supports the development and sustainability of a high-quality, prepared, and collaborative education workforce.  This page is designed to share professional learning opportunities related to Educator Evaluations.

  • Trends in Michigan Teacher Certification: Initial Certificates Issued 1996-2016 Webinar Date:  October 13, 2017  Time:  09:00 AM - 10:00 AM Description:

    The Educator Certification Trends webinar will explore long-term and short-term trends in initial certificates issued in Michigan. Initial certificates is a measure of new potential teaching candidates each year, and thus represents one significant measure of teacher supply. This webinar is also the first in a series of webinars focusing on data and research related to the teacher pipeline.  To register for this "live" webinar, please visit our Adobe Connect Upcoming Events Catalog page at:  http://bit.ly/OETevents

  • Teacher Webinar Series: Owning Your Evaluation - Session #1 Date:  October 19, 2017  Time:  04:00 PM - 05:00 PM Description:

    This hour-long webinar is the first in a series of webinars for Michigan educators to empower them to take ownership of their evaluation process in collaboration with the Michigan Teacher Leader Advisory Council (MTLAC).  In addition, the information presented will equip educators with the knowledge and practices to become the driving force behind their professional growth.  Relevant information provided will be related to key components of the continuous improvement model for teacher professional growth including self-evaluation, goal-setting, along with guidance to develop a personalized professional growth and development continuum connected to their district's adopted instructional framework.  

    Please Note:  State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) are available to participants who attend a minimum of 3 sessions (3 SCECHs) or up to 6 SCECHs if they attend all 6 sessions.  To register for this event, please visit our Adobe Connect Upcoming Events Catalog page at:  http://bit.ly/OETevents.  Questions regarding this series can be submitted to:  MDE-EdEvals@michigan.gov.

  • Teacher Turnover in Michigan: A Look at Teacher Mobility and Attrition Rates Webinar Date:  October 20, 2017  Time:  01:00 PM - 03:00 PM Description:

    The Teacher Mobility trends webinar will explore the patterns of teacher mobility and attrition in Michigan public schools. Higher rates of mobility and attrition—or turnover— have substantial costs of time, resources, and money for schools, districts, and ISDs. Higher rates of turnover may be indicators of inefficiencies or systemic problems in the teacher pipeline. In this webinar, we will explore Michigan’s patterns of turnover and how they vary across different types of schools and different types of teachers. We will also compare Michigan data to national teacher mobility data. Examining teacher mobility and attrition patterns in Michigan is one critical step in the MDE’s efforts to understand patterns in our educator workforce pipeline.  To register for this "live" event, please visit our Adobe Connect Upcoming Events page at:  http://bit.ly/OETevents