Project 1 - Grant Management and Governance

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The goal of the Grant Management and Governance project is to create a grant management and governance structure that will coordinate and streamline efforts through strong leadership, stakeholder involvement, and a multi-agency coordination plan. Strategies and goals of this project include: 

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  • Establish and operationalize appropriate governance body for Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) work in Michigan;
  • Develop a shared vision, strategy and protocols for managing RTT-ELC and integrating the grant activities into the larger early learning system;
  • Develop and implement a broad communication and outreach plan, including individualized communication plans and materials for each RTT-ELC grant project;
  • Develop necessary processes to ensure cross-agency coordination of staff, resources, data and other supports and materials; and
  • Oversee and coordinate multi-agency grant management activities, including monitoring and reporting functions.

To learn more about other projects under the grant, please visit the Michigan RTT-ELC Projects Page, visit our grant resource page , view our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us with questions or comments.

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