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Project Webinar

RTT-ELC Informational Webinar (3/20/2015) video introducing Michigan's Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant goals and its seven projects.

Webinar Transcript (PDF)

RTT-ELC Informational Webinar 3/2/15 slides (PDF)


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Grant Documents 

Michigan's RTT-ELC Project Abstract

Michigan's RTT-ELC Grant Application


Annual Progress Reports

Year 1 (2014) Annual Progress Report

Year 2 (2015) Annual Progress Report

Year 3 (2016) Annual Progress Report

Year 4 (2017) Annual Progress Report


Report Highlights

Year 2 (2015) Mid-Year Report Highlights

Year 2 (2015) Annual Report Highlights

Year 3 (2016) Mid-Year Report Highlights

Year 3 (2016) Annual Report Highlights

Year 4 (2017) Mid-Year Report Highlights

Year 4 (2017) Annual Report Highlights


To learn more about the projects under the grant, please visit the Michigan RTT-ELC Projects Page, view our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us with questions or comments.

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