External Service Provider Information
for the School Improvement Grant Section 1003(g)

Welcome to the new MiSigRegistry!

The MiSigRegistry serves as a repository for which schools and districts may select prospective External Service Providers to provide educational services using School Improvement Grant (SIG) funds.

For External Service Providers (ESPs):

Using the link below, register your business or organization by creating an account, providing all of the required information, and completing all required fields. Once completed and submitted, our team will reviewed and post your company on the registry.

For Schools and Districts:

Access the registry by following the link provided and creating an account. If you are interested in working with an External Service Provider who does not currently appear on the registry, simply have the ESP register. Find External Service Providers by searching their names and/or by using key words!

Rating Effectiveness:

New this year is our “Customer Service” rating. Use this function to submit comments about the services you have received. All customer service comments will be reviewed for appropriateness of content before posting.

*Note: MDE will no longer require an application approval process. Individual school districts are responsible for defining their selection, monitoring, and evaluation processes of External Service Providers.

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SIG External Service Provider

External Service Provider Registry Process

Who is an External Service Provider?

External Service Provider or ESP is broadly defined as any business, company, corporation, institute of learning, or community or professional organization whose function & purpose, in part or whole, is to support pre-k-12 school turnaround efforts. Typically, ESPs provide a wide-range of services, personnel, and support to schools in order to assist them with improving student achievement and student success, engaging in parent and community interaction, building capacity, and developing sustainable programs and practices.

Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) and Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs) were formed in 1962 by Public Act 190. ISDs and RESAs are naturally situated in the context of supporting districts and schools. Therefore, ISDs and RESAs are not required to submit profiles to MDE ESP Registry. Visit the MAISA website to review all ISDs and RESAs.

Independent or Individual Consultants/Contractors are not defined as External Service Providers. Independent consultants and contractors are not required to submit profiles to the MDE ESP Registry. Consultants and Independent Contractors are encouraged to contact SIG Sub-grantees individually to discuss how their experience and expertise may assist in turnaround efforts. Use proper channels of working with school, districts, and human resource departments that are in place at individual schools.

*Important Note: When contracting with ESPs, including ISDs and RESAs, all State and Federal guidelines for competitive bidding must be followed.


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