Farm to Summer Week


Topic: Cucumber Crunch

What it is about: Michigan's Annual Summer Cucumber Crunch


Instructions for Sites

  1. Have a Cucumber Crunch this summer at your site. Use the Cucumber Crunch Flyer to let people know when it will be.
  2. Plan ahead with your food sites procurement process and find locally grown cucumbers to add to a meal or as a separate activity. Resources for purchasing them can be found at a local farmers market: or the Cultivate Michigan Sourcing Guide, pages 47-48 provides distributors.
  3. Provide education on cumbers nutrition and Michigan's agriculture facts using the Cultivate Michigan Sourcing Guide and the Michigan Agriculture Facts and Figures booklet
  4. Provide fresh cucumber slices or mini cucumbers and have a CRUNCH together moment
  5. Spread the word



Contacts: Questions, Please contact Lori Yelton,, at the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

Best Practices/ideas: Attached is a picture from Mattawan Schools using cucumber slices to make smiley faces.



Topic:  Michigan Farm Bureau Materials

What it is about: Michigan's Agriculture in the Classroom Resources and Programs


Contacts: Michelle Blodgett, Manager of Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom, (517)-679-5969


Topic: Have a Plant: Fruits & Veggies for Better Health

What it is about: Information about selecting produce, storage tips, recipes, key nutrients in fruits & vegetables


Contacts: all online resources (Produce for Better Health) 

Best practices/ideas: Provide families with a recipe using the featured fruit or vegetable of the day or week.



Topic: Turnip the Beet High Quality Meal Awards

What is it about: USDA Turnip the Beet High Quality Meal Awards in the SFSP


Contacts: Sara Harmon, and

Criteria/specific information: Review and submit the Turnip the Beet Nomination Form by September 10, 2021

Best Practices/ideas: Incorporate Team Nutrition Resources at your SFSP sites and including pictures with your nominations.



Topic: DoD Fresh Produce for Summer Program

What it is about: MDE received $1.3million dollars to support USDA Foods and DoD Produce specifically for SFSP.  MDE will be allocating all of these funds to DoD in hopes to purchase many Michigan-grown produce items this summer.


  • The Michigan Harvest Calendar along with local farmer detail will be available on our Local Harvest page. All items listed on this page will be Michigan local!
  • Click HERE or here:
  • Additional Produce Fun Facts Sheets are also available for download. These items will all be available to order for the DoD Fresh program all Summer as well. These items will rotate to be local as the harvests allow, however, not all listed on this page will be local Michigan all of the time.
  • Click HERE. You can also share this link:

Contacts: Questions can be directed to Jaime Malnar,, and Deidra Tyrrell, You can also contact your USDA Foods consortia leads for ordering instructions.

Criteria/specific information: Any SFSP sponsor is eligible to order these foods. Dollars will be allocated on a fair-share basis, but we expect this program to use the dollars quite quickly. All orders will go through the USDA Foods consortia via their broadline distributor.

Best Practices/ideas: 10 cents grantees should know that these DoD purchases will count as the match requirement for that program. They can also use the fun fact sheet resources as part of their marketing and education. 



Topic: Michigan Fitness Foundation

What is it about: Michigan Activity Booklets


  • Michigan Farm to Family: High Five!  Activity Book - This booklet for families features locally produced Michigan foods from all five food groups through fun facts, family-friendly recipes and activities. The seasonality guide helps families select locally grown fruits and veggies at their peak ripeness.
  • We Like to Eat Fruits and Vegetables - This book provides real-life photos of fruits and vegetables to enjoy in every season. An activity sheet asks children to identify fruits and veggies they like and ones they want to try. Includes a recipe to get kids involved in creating a delicious salad.
  • We Like to Eat! - This book teaches children to eat a variety of foods from the five MyPlate food groups. Includes four pages of MyPlate activities to do at home and five kid-friendly recipes.
  • We Like to Eat from our Gardens - This book describes many types of gardens, including ones for small spaces. Tips to plant and care for gardens are shared. Includes four kid-friendly recipes.
  • Order any of the activity books free of charge: Farm to Summer Week - Michigan Fitness Foundation


Best Practices: Use any or all of the activity books at your SFSP sites this summer!


Topic: Harvest of the Month Recipes

What is it about: Michigan Harvest of the MonthTM (MiHOTM) is a program provided by the Michigan Fitness Foundation featuring a recipe website that provides easy, affordable meals and side-dishes focused on fresh fruits and vegetables for families to enjoy. Click here to access the site.

Resources: Participating Farm to Summer Week sites are welcome to share links and use images from the website to promote healthy eating.  Please credit the recipe with: This recipe provided by Michigan Harvest of the Month (hyperlink to Or, if a recipe is modified for any reason, note it as such with: Adapted from:, Michigan Fitness Foundation, accessed (date).

Below are links to select MiHOTM recipes including yummy local produce:


Best Practices: Print off the MiHOTM recipes to give to families and/or post on your website and social media!