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This school year (2021-2022), every student can eat a school meal - a Mighty Meal - at no cost. Mighty Meals provide everystudent with healthy, delicious food to fuel their day.


Multiple meals are available each school day - all at no cost                   

Breakfast, lunch, snack, and supper may be offered. Contact your school to learn which meals are available and check the menu.

Each Mighty Meal follows USDA standards of nutrition and they're delicious, too! See what goes into each Mighty Meal for breakfast and lunch.


Balanced, nutritious meals ensure students are ready to learn

Mighty Meals offer a nutritious variety of meals so every student can find something they like to eat, including those with special dietary needs. Visit your school's website to check the menu. 

Eating Mighty Meals does not impact a student's eligibility for P-EBT, SNAP or other benefits. 


Michigan's Mighty Meals can help your family, school, and community

Mighty Meals can save all families time and money. Lower your grocery bill and spend less time preparing meals every day.

Eating Mighty Meals help your school secure funding and resources to give students better overall educational experiences. 

Mighty Meals support Michigan farmers, local growers, and the local economy.


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