P-EBT Food Assistance Benefits for School Children

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer Program (P-EBT) food assistance benefits will go to Michigan families with students ages 0 to 26 who are eligible for Free or Reduced-Price School Meals. This includes families currently receiving Food Assistance Program (FAP) benefits, as well as those not currently enrolled in the program. No application is necessary for eligible families to receive P-EBT benefits.

  • MDHHS processing cards in batches thru mid-May. If you receive calls on P-EBT cards you may supply them with this number 1-833-905-0028.  Keep in mind they might not answer the questions until then.
  • Schools don’t need to do anything at this time for students who were already approved free or reduced-price school meals prior to school closing.

  • For Community Eligibility Program (CEP) schools all students will receive the P-EBT benefits.

  • If the student was already receiving FAP benefits, they will automatically receive the P-EBT benefits on their card. If the student is eligible based on a Free or Reduced-Price Meal Application in School Meal Programs, it will go to the address in the Michigan Student Data System.


P-EBT Food Assistance Benefits for Non-Public Schools

Template Letter for Free and Reduced-Price Applications

P-EBT Frequently Asked Questions for Schools


Most Common questions:

Q. Will there be an email or phone number available for parent questions regarding the P-EBT cards?

A. If you have any questions, please contact 1-833-905-0028.


Q. I have multiple school-age children, how much will our family be eligible for?

A. The pre-loaded P-EBT card will come in the mail and will be in the oldest school aged child’s name, not the parents name. Keep the card for ongoing benefits you may receive. The combined benefit amount for March/April is $193.80 per child and will be available by the end of April. The combined benefit amount for May/June is $182.40 per child and will be available by the end of May.


Q. If someone has had their income change or is experiencing unemployment, should they fill out a new Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application?

A. Yes, we are advising all schools to collect Free and Reduced-Price Meal Applications for households that are experiencing unemployment or a sudden job loss. Schools should reach out to their communities and advise households to fill out a new Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application. Households will also be able to carry over this benefit for 30-operating days into school year 2020-2021. 


Q. What should districts do to update student enrollment data with the state of Michigan so their students can receive P-EBT?

A. For new Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application data and changes to address data, public schools/districts will need to use the Student Record Maintenance (SRM) mechanism in the Michigan Student Data System to update student data with the Center for Performance and Information. 

Student Record Maintenance (SRM) update deadlines are:





June 18, 2020 - School Nutrition Programs Bulletin No. 15 - P-EBT Updates 

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