P-EBT Food Assistance Benefits for Non-Public Schools

Depending on how your school reports student data into the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS), through a public school that shares time with enrolled students or your school reports data independently, there are two different processes to submit student data for free or reduced-price eligible students for P-EBT benefits: 


Shared time with a public school 

  • Ensure correct Supplemental Nutrition Eligibility (SNE) designation 

  • Ensure addresses were submitted 

Submit Independently 

  1. Early Roster Collection 

    • Ensure all students are entered – this allows your full enrollment to match against the direct certification list 

    • Report the mailing address 

    • Verify all students have a Unique Identification Code (UIC)

  2. Nonpublic Student Eligibility Collection 

    • Submit students with eligibility via an application or extended eligibility into the Nonpublic Student Eligibility Collection in MSDS 

    • This collection is completely separate from the Early Roster Collection