2014 Michigan School Scorecards

The Michigan Department of Education released today school accountability reports including the new Michigan School Accountability Scorecards for districts and schools, as well as, its Top-to-Bottom Rankings, and the list of Reward, Focus and Priority Schools.

School Report Cards Visit MISchoolData.org for a one stop shop to find the latest school accountability reports. Click on "Dashboard and Accountability Scorecard" and then choose "Accountability Scorecard" or "Top-to-Bottom Ranking" to view the corresponding report item. The ranking portion will also list Priority, Focus, and Reward School status. Click "Edit Report" to search for a school of interest!

MI School Accountability Scorecard
The Michigan School Accountability Scorecards will use a color-coding system of green, lime, yellow, orange, red, and purple to indicate school performance, combine traditional accountability metrics with Top-to-Bottom Rankings and Priority/Focus/Reward School designations, and meet other state and federal requirements.

Top-to-Bottom School Rankings
The Top-to-Bottom School Rankings are part of Michigan's school accountability system which ranks schools on their student performance in mathematics, reading, writing, science, social studies, and graduation rate data (for high schools). School performance components include student achievement, improvement, and achievement gaps between the highest and lowest scoring 30 percent of students in each school.

Priority Schools
Priority Schools (formerly known as Persistently Lowest Achieving Schools) are Michigan public schools identified in the bottom 5% of the statewide Top-to-Bottom ranking.

Focus Schools
Focus Schools consist of the ten percent of schools on the Top-to-Bottom School Rankings with the largest achievement gaps between its top 30 percent of students and its bottom 30 percent, based on average scale score. In addition to being required by USED for ESEA Flexibility, identifying Focus Schools is a critical step toward Michigan achieving its overriding goal of closing the achievement gap within schools and reducing the achievement gap statewide.

Reward Schools
Reward Schools are those that are among the highest achieving and/or highest improving statewide and are released annually to fulfill requirements set by ESEA Flexibility of 2012 and the NCLB Act of 2001.

Beating the Odds
Beating the Odds Schools are a special subset of Reward Schools that are overcoming traditional barriers to student achievement and are outperforming schools with similar risk factors and demographic makeup.