I am a Family Member, and I need help finding services (e.g., legal, mental health, substance abuse counseling) for my child.

If you are unable to find the services you need among the resources below, please contact Lauren Kazee, Mental Health Consultant, at (517) 241-1500 or KazeeL@michigan.gov.

Local Mental Health Services
This document lists all Community Mental Health Services Programs in the State of Michigan.

Michigan Alliance for Families
This website provides information, support, and education for families who have children who receive (or may be eligible to receive) special education services.

Parent Action for Healthy Kids
Parent Action for Healthy Kids is designed to help connect parents, communities, and schools to improve the health and well-being of children and youth.

Student Advocacy Center of Michigan (SAC)
SAC's services include education advocacy and support, education mentoring (Check and Connect), youth voice, and family support. SAC has a special focus on school discipline, students in foster care or experiencing homelessness, and students with mental illness or other disabilities.