Section 64b Dual Enrollment Incentive Payments

Section 64b Dual Enrollment Incentive payments are available to districts supporting the attendance of students in postsecondary and CTE opportunities under the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act and Career and Technical Preparation Act.


For a course to be eligible for Section 64b Dual Enrollment Incentives, the district shall:

  • Provide information to all high school pupils on postsecondary enrollment options, including enrollment eligibility, the institutions and types of courses that are eligible for participation, the decision-making process for granting academic credit, and an explanation of eligible charges that will be paid by the district.
  • Enter into a written agreement with a postsecondary institution before the enrollment of district pupils.  For a concurrent enrollment course, this written agreement shall also establish the concurrent enrollment program and that the postsecondary institution agrees not to charge the pupil for any cost of the program.
  • Agree to pay all eligible charges pursuant to section 21b.  
  • Award high school credit for the postsecondary course if the pupil successfully completes the course.

In addition, the following eligibility criteria apply to payments under this section for pupils enrolled in a concurrent enrollment program:

  • Ensure that the course is taught by either a high school teacher or postsecondary faculty pursuant to standards established by the postsecondary institution with which the district has entered into a written agreement to operate the concurrent enrollment program.
  • Ensure that the course is taught in the local district or intermediate district.
  • Ensure that the pupil is awarded both high school and college credit at a community college or state public university in this state upon successful completion of the course as outlined in the agreement with the postsecondary institution.


Incentive payments are calculated in two parts:

Part 1:   $10.00 per credit, up to three credits ($30 maximum), for a credit-bearing course in which a pupil enrolls during the current school year

Part 2:   An additional payment of $30.00 per-pupil per course (regardless of the number of credits) if the pupil successfully completes and is awarded both high school and postsecondary credit for the course.

Incentive payments are included in the final (August) State Aid payment each year.


Incentive payments for supporting postsecondary opportunities for students remain available in 2018-19. A maximum of $60 per course can be claimed by entering “Yes” in the new “Eligible 64b Course” field within the Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) collection upon completion of an eligible course. Previously, a different course type was used to differentiate between dual enrollment courses eligible and ineligible for these incentive payments.  Course Type “07” should now be used for all dual enrollment courses.  Incentive payments are limited to one course per student, per year, and will be included in districts’ August state school aid payments following claim processing and course verification. 

Contact Information

Questions related to the processing of Section 64b Dual Enrollment Incentives and the TSDL collection may be directed to the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) at 517-335-0505 or

For questions related to dual enrollment including pupil and course eligibility, please contact Eric Lipinski at 517-241-6895 or