CLEP Test Fee Reduction

For each CLEP exam taken by students who qualify for the College Board AP fee reduction (“Reduced Fee Exams”), as indicated by the applicable school AP/CLEP coordinator, the following will occur for the school year. Districts will follow the same procedure as they would relate to all College Board assessments.  

  • The State of Michigan’s contribution to low-income students will be $48.00 per exam. This will be billed directly to MDE.  
  • The College Board contribution to low-income students will be $36.00 per exam.  
  • Districts will be responsible for any administration fees.  
  • The student will pay $5.00 per exam.  

CLEP exams can be offered at any point in the school year, but all testing for the academic year must be completed by May 31. Exams must be administered at a CLEP test center. Some intermediate school districts (ISDs), regional educational service agencies (RESAs), and local high schools may prefer to open a CLEP test center to support students and eliminate any possible administration fees. There is no fee to open a test center. The College Board has created a Michigan specific webpage with an overview for Michigan ISDs, RESAs and local school districts.