Charter School Program Grant Applications

Michigan Receives the Charter School Program Grant for Expanding Opportunities Through Quality Charter School Programs (CSP)

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) was one of eight entities to receive funds from the United States Department of Education to support opening new, expanding or replicating high quality charter schools from 2018-2023. The major purposes of the grant are to expand opportunities for all students, particularly traditionally underserved students, to attend public charter schools and meet challenging state academic standards; to provide financial assistance for the planning, program design, and initial implementation of charter schools; to increase the number of high-quality charter schools available to students along with other additional supports.

The grant will support opening new charter schools, expand existing high-quality charter schools by at least 3 grades with 3 years of data, and replicate high-quality charter schools in another location. Michigan will follow the federal definition of high-quality charter schools: a) shows evidence of strong academic results which may include strong student academic growth as determined by the state; b) has no significant issues in the area of student safety, financial and operational management, or statutory or regulatory compliance; c) has demonstrated success in significantly increasing student academic achievement, including graduation rates where applicable, for all students served by the charter school; and d) has demonstrated success in increasing student academic achievement, including graduation rates where applicable, for each of the subgroups of students, as defined in section 1111(c)(2) of the ESEA, except that such demonstration is not required in a case in which the number of students in a group is insufficient to yield statistically reliable information or the results would reveal personally identifiable information about an individual student.

The total expected funding for Michigan is more than $47 million, to be allocated over 5 years through subgrants, technical assistance, and grant administration. Michigan will be able to award approximately $42 million. If eligible for a subgrant, each awardee will receive $1 million for the length of the award with a bonus of $250,000 to open, replicate or expand in areas with limited options to high-performing schools, with a focus on high schools.

Charter School Program Grant FAQ

The Michigan Department of Education would like to announce Round 3 of the Charter School Program Grant. The Public School Academies unit will host an informational meeting on Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Library of Michigan (Forum), located at 702 W. Kalamazoo Street in Lansing. Eligible applicants are new charter schools that have an executed contract with an authorizer, will expand 3 grades and have 3 years of positive achievement data, or replicate an existing high performing charter school at 50% on the state index.

Applications must be submitted prior to 5:00 pm on April 6, 2020. The system will not process a submission after 5:00 pm and, consequently, will not be reviewed in this round.

Application documents and timeline for submission are be posted below:

Location of current Charter Schools

Charter School Program Grant Allowable Costs Guide

Charter School Program Application
Charter School Program Grant Timeline and Expectations
Charter School Program Grant Intent to Apply

Listed below are three sample letters:
Authorizer Representative Expansion
Authorizer Representative New
Authorizer Representative Replication