Charter School Authorizer and Vendor Information

Authorizer Oversight Metrics and “At Risk of Suspension” Information for Authorizers

-  Authorizer Portfolio Accountability Review (as of 8/1/2014)

Framework for Authorizer Review - Stakeholder Meeting (Presentation)

-  Authorizer Aggregated Top-to-Bottom Lookup Tool

-  Aggregate Top-to-Bottom and Beating the Odds Business Rules


Contract Checklist 
MDE's guiding standards for approval of contracts for charter public schools. Legislative references are included for each checklist item

Wind-up & Dissolution Procedures 
The purpose of this process is to conclude all of the affairs of the school and to dissolve the associated non-profit entity. The "Wind-Up and Dissolution Draft Template" is designed to assist boards and their hired or appointed support people to accomplish this work successfully and in accordance with state law. 

Ensuring Timely Access to Federal Funds