Title I, Part D - Neglected & Delinquent

The State of Michigan provides educational services for children and youth in local and State institutions.  Services are provided by State and Federal program funds.  Funds are awarded to State agencies and local or Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) based on their counts of children/youth in facilities for neglected or delinquent children/youth.  The Office of Educational Supports (OES) manages programs funded under Title I, Part D.  In Michigan, these services are directed toward institutions for delinquent/adjudicated youth.

Current educational programs are supplemented so that such youth have the opportunity to meet the same challenging State and academic content standards and challenging State student academic achievement standards that all children in the State are expected to meet.  The State of Michigan will provide such youth with the services needed to make a successful transition from institutionalization to further schooling or employment.

The U.S. Department of Education helps provide additional technical support to districts delivering programs for neglected or delinquent children/youth.  The National Technical Assistance Center for the Education of Neglected or Delinquent Children and Youth (NDTAC) has an expansive website.  Please feel free to visit this site and contact them for more direct technical support.

Please submit electronic documents to TitleIDSubpart2@michigan.gov.

Title I, Part D

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