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Parent Dashboard for School Transparency

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The online Parent Dashboard was developed by the MDE in collaboration with the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) to advance the State Board of Education’s vision of an easy-to-use dashboard filled with meaningful school-level data that offers a more balanced picture of school quality.

The Parent Dashboard was launched in January 2018, after months of extensive input by parents and educators. Since its launch, the Dashboard has been viewed by over 1 million visitors. A Phase 2 release in January 2019 added a“School Services and Offerings” section describing course offerings, teacher qualifications, and services for special populations of students. 

The Dashboard can be accessed from any computer or mobile device at

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Information in the Parent Dashboard

  • includes more than 20 different factors—or measures—that parents find important to themParent Dashboard for School Transparency

  • comes from data that are already collect from schools

  • can be viewed as a whole school, or dig in deeper to see performance for certain groups of students

  • can inform decisions and encourage richer conversations about school progress

Parent Dashboard Communication Tools

The MDE has developed various communications tools to help schools, districts, and organizations discuss and share the dashboard with constituents, parents, and the community.

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