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Online Instructional Resources - Meeting the Needs of English Learners

?Communicating with Families of ELs

?Families of ELs have a Civil Right to the same information that their native speaking English family counterparts can access in a format that is accessible for them. It is easy to head toward thinking that the best way to communicate with families of ELs is just to translate resources. However, educators can also consider a variety of other methods of communicating with families at this time. The following resources can be useful for creative thinking while engaging the community and using different media outlets:

?Translation Resources

There are several free resources that LEAs can utilize to ensure that families are receiving up to date communications. Below are a few suggestions that utilize software to translate. Keep in mind these products are not acceptable for the use of formal communication or when parents are asked to sign a document. However, they can be used for simple update, newsletters, and classroom communication.