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Kyle Guerrant - Deputy Superintendent, Finance and Operations

Mr. Guerrant has been a strong leader and advocate in youth health, development and safety issues in community-based non-profits, local schools, and state government for over 14 years. Currently, he is the Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations at the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), providing leadership across a diverse spectrum ranging from Financial Management and School Finance; to Health & Nutrition Services; and the Library of Michigan. Mr. Guerrant is also currently serving as the Interim State School Reform Officer (SRO), working in partnership with identified school districts to remove barriers to learning and improve academic outcomes for students.

Previously, Mr. Guerrant was the Director of the Office of School Support Services at the department, and the Acting Manager of the Safe and Drug Free Schools Program at the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Mr. Guerrant earned a Bachelor's (BA) in Psychology (Child Development) from Long Island University, a Master's in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Michigan, and completed Michigan State University's Educational Policy Fellowship Program. He has served on numerous organizational boards ranging in focus from youth homelessness to adolescent sexual health, and is passionate about improving the health and educational outcomes of Michigan students.