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Parent Involvement = Student Achievement

Whether your child is just starting kindergarten or entering the final year of high school, there are many good reasons and opportunities for you to get involved in your child's education.  In fact, did you know that when parents and educators work together, students have higher grades, better school attendance and fewer instances of violent behavior?


For more information on the importance of parent involvement and its impact on student achievement click Parent Involvement Fact Sheet (PDF)


ENCOURAGE, TEACH, SUPPORT-- Ways parents can encourage their children to do well in school

Believing and participating in our children and their success is something all parents can begin today and practice.

Exuding self-confidence shows kids how to have confidence in themselves. Show that you have confidence in your child's ability to be successful. Self-confidence and self-respect go hand in hand with setting and achieving one's goals.CONFIDENCE TO TAKE ACTION:

The ability to make wise decisions in one's life and to accept the consequences are skills children need to learn. Teach kids how to make wise choices in life, so they're able to grow in their personal responsibility.LEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY:

Adventure is what childhood is all about. Supporting children in healthy risk-taking and learning from their successes and failures keeps learning exciting and relevant for children.INSTILLING A SENSE OF ADVENTURE:

Keep the wonders of childhood discovery, inquisitiveness and enthusiasm alive. Nourish and participate in the joy of learning that kids are born with.CURIOSITY AND CREATIVITY:

Keep learning exciting. Send kids off to school in the mornings with a hug and kiss and a word of encouragement, instead of a negative, nagging, parental lecture on what they've done wrong. Enjoyment and fun in the learning process keeps kids coming back for more.FUN AND EXCITEMENT:

It's very important in the encouragement of children to recognize and appreciate the small steps children make daily, as well as the accomplishments the larger goals they've achieved.SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT AND ACCOMPLISHMENT:

Children need one or two respectful, supportive people in their lives that they can look up to and admire and who influence their lives for the better. How about Mom and Dad?KIDS NEED HEROES:

This is number one. Children need to feel they are a needed member of a group. Do things together as a family, and enroll the kids in after-school activities. Kids want to go to school, and see the value in school when they have a feeling of community, both at home and at school.SENSE OF BELONGING:

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