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Promising Practices Exchange

Promising Practices Exchange Logo

The Exchange launched on August 11, 2022. MDE is actively seeing promising practices that support Goal 2: Improve early literacy achievement and Goal 5: Increase the percentage of all students who graduate from high school; however, other goal submissions may occur as well. The submissions are vetted by content experts and shared here.

Intermediate School Districts (ISDs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs), both traditional public school districts and public-school academies (PSAs) are encouraged to participate and see their connection to the State's strategic education plan and their collaborative role in its implementation, MDE and partners developed the Promising Practices Exchange to share and learn from one another and improve learner outcomes.

Michigan's Top 10 Strategic Education Plan is both a directional and aspirational document for everyone to contribute to its implementation. MDE recognizes that contributions from our educational partners are pivotal to reaching the goals within the State's Strategic Education Plan, and the Promising Practices Exchange was developed as a repository to help share successful practices. MDE encourages all ISDs and LEAs, and education partners to submit their practices to the Promising Practices Exchange, so their hard work may be viewed and replicated by other districts. MDE content experts vet accepted practices to demonstrate improved outcomes for all learners.